The final release of WordPress 4.0 is due next month and the beta version of the most popular blogging platform is out for testers. With more features added in every release, the WordPress 4.0 main features would be.

  • Ability of video preview for the visual editor and button to insert a video using URL so that the novice users who are not familiar with the direct video URL paste and embed feature of WordPress can access the feature.
  • There would be a grid view of the media library items along with the list view and ability to click on one link and access the next without closing the preview modal.
  • The plugin installation option is to be updated in WordPress 4.0 and a better search option for plugins.
  • In WordPress 4.0 users can now select a language in which they want to install WordPress.
  • In WordPress 4.0 the editor smartly re sizes its top and bottom bar when needed.
  • There are some improvements made in the way the cursor and the keyboard interact with the TinyMCE in WordPress gallery preview. This adds better re sizing and scrolling and is still being tweaked for further enhanced view.
  • The view of the widgets in theme customizer has been separated and the widgets now loads on to a separate panel in WordPress 4.0
  • The WordPress 4.0 has some changes implemented in formatting functions.

The latest version of WordPress 4.0 is due to be out in August 2014 as per the development blog and the features added and the core functionalists for the latest release are still in process of development.