Divi Blurb Extended is a plugin which adds more feature to the Divi Blurb Module. It comes with 5 ready to use Blurb layouts which can be used to create stunning pages using Divi Builder.

Some of the features includes Divi blurb module hover effects, enhanced Divi blurb styling in form of read more button, border around the blurb, content visibility on hover, flip box on hover and much more.

It gives option to create beautiful Divi blurb cards and control color when hover.

Here are some implementation of Divi Blurb Extended module using.

divi blurb cards

In this example Divi Blurb Icon is used along with image in single module. It also shows the square and hexagon available as shape for the icon.


divi blurb module hover effects

Divi Blurb Layout with Read More Button and New Icon Shapes


divi blurb style

In this Divi Blurb Style, icons used image at the same time. Positioned at left, center and right, it gives a beautiful look to any section.


Add Icon to Divi Blurb

Add Icon to Divi Blurb on Left and Right along with Center and Create More Controlled Layout as Per Your Preference


divi hover blurb

Example of Divi Flipbox with a Beautiful Implementation


divi custom blurb icon

Easebox Layout with Divi Blurb Hover Animation


Full Demo of Divi Blurb Styles Created using Divi Blurb Extended Can be Seen here.

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