Your website and online marketing a great tool in your event planning arsenal. Often with no extra cost you can use these to your advantage to bring in more attention and press for your event. If you are ignoring the web in your event organisation plan you are missing out on a great resource and area to focus your attention into.Aspect LTD have provided these tips to help your use your website to your event’s advantage. Most of these should be able to be put in place at no extra cost.

Set up a special website for the event. You don’t need to Special website to get this up and running. Although you can buy a specific domain you can usually do it using your existing website, especially if your brand name is attached to the event. You can set up sub domains. For example or you can set it up as a sub folder which would look like This can all be done under your existing hosting plans and will give your event a nice collected place to store all its information that will appear in searches. You should also make sure this page is mobile friendly so people can check it on the day of the event as they travel using their smartphones. If you are throwing the event yearly it may be worth buying a domain name and setting up a website with the name of the event however.

Measure your web mentions. You can use a free website like to track your mentions across the web. It also measures sentiment (positive or negative). It is a little hit and miss but for a free site its great and it will give you a really nice extra tool to keep track of your event online.

Use twitter to your advantage and get people using an event hashtags. If you can give your event a hashtag from the start you’re on the right track. You want people to be able to find and identify your event on twitter. If you can get enough people talking about it it will become a trending topic and draw even more attention. People often use hashtags to find people at the same event too.