How to Report a Gmail Abuse or Gmail Spammer

There have been so many stupid nerds who tries to sell their services and send you emails every next day. I thought to report it to Google and sent an email (forwarded the actual mail) to and got this reply from them. If you are annoyed of a Gmail Spammer who is sending you too many emails using a Gmail account, you can at least take some action against him.


We understand the urgent nature of your message and recommend that you visit the Gmail Privacy & Security Help Center at for immediate assistance.

If you’d like to report a Gmail user who has sent messages that violate the Gmail Program Policies and/or Terms of Use, please fill out a report form at
We’ll investigate your report and may send a warning or discontinue Gmail service for users who violate our policies.

If your issue is not related to abuse, please visit our Help Center at or click ‘Help’ at the top of any Gmail page for troubleshooting tips.


The Google Team


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